About childminder childcare at ViaViela

How does it work?

Find your childminder or nanny in just 3 simple steps!

3 steps

Step 1: Look for a childminder
Click on the button 'zoeken' and fill in your postal code. You will be given an overview of all the childminders in your locality.

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Step 2: Be introduced
In order to get acquainted with different childminders it is important to register on our website. After your registration you are able to see the profiles of our childminders in more detail, e.g. their availability and their motivation to become a childminder. You can click on the button ‘kennismaken’ in the profile of a childminder to let us know that you are interested.

Once you have registered you are given the option to fill in the care that is needed. In response to this information we can help you look for a suitable childminder.

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Step 3: We will contact you
The consultant of ViaViela will help you to find a suitable childminder and enables you to get acquainted with the childminder of your interest. Even if you are not sure yet with whom you would like to get in contact, the consultant can help you look for someone that suits your wishes.

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Different ways of childcare

While looking for a certain form of childcare, there are multiple matters you need to take into consideration, e.g. the location of the childcare. At ViaViela you are given the option to bring your child(ren) to the childminder’s house, or you can have childcare at your own residence (this is what we call nanny-care).

It is important to know that these two forms of childcare are not much alike and there are a lot of differences concerning costs and regulation.

Click here to find out what the differences between the two forms of childcare are.

Speaking Dutch

It is important to know that every childminder is obligated by law to speak Dutch while taking care of children. Of course it is possible to maintain verbal contact with your childminder for all further matters in English. 

Please keep in mind that the contracts and all other documentation provided by ViaViela is exclusively in Dutch.